Are you creating a new website and getting tensed about how do you write an about us page then you are at the right place. Here in this article you will get a complete guidance about how to write a perfect about us pages so that you can easily create your website.

About us page is an essential page of any website because it helps you to build the trust in Google and if you know about search engine optimization then you will also know that building authority in the Google is most important factor to get a higher ranking and about a page helps you to build this authority.

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How do you write an about us page

How Do You Write An About Us Page

While creating the about a page you have to tell about your journey and if you are a professional brand or company then you have to share the company journey, it's motive and vision so that visitors can easily connect with you.

About us page should be in straight forward language and in a simple word so that anyone wants to know about you get its answers easily. As a word itself says about us then you should have to present a honest view about your company in the about us page.

For better results you can connect your social profiles in the about us page and if you have a group of individuals working for your company then you can also mention their information in the about the page.

  • First tell the visitors about your mission and vision
  • Outline the story of your company like how it's established and some good memories
  • Tell the visitors about how you get involved in your companies business line
  • Explain the visitors about who are there ideal customers and with whom they are currently working
  • If your company's location is at different places then you can told the visitors about your companies locations and area of services you are providing 
  • Describe the key value of your company

Use of about us page

The major importance of about us page is to share your journey and build the trust in the Google and other search engines. About us page is important for building a better connection with your visitors and to convert them with your client. About us page also plays a crucial role in building a EEAT in the Google.

About us page told the visitor about your companies history, vision, story and achievements. About us page helps to introduce the team member of your companies. In order to increase the trust and credibility with visitors about us page is important.

What is the main purpose of about page

The main purpose of about page is to share your companies journey with the visitors along with the dream goals and the vision motive. About page is important for search engine optimization perspective. About us page is useful to show the customers how they can get a benefited by using your product or services. By using the about page customers can easily get connected with you.